Thank you for tuning in, the dude is busy getting a new album ready


photo: Carla Janson



"Lights for the living - Shadows for the dead" Release planned for spring 2020

This will be officially my 4th solo album, following up "Life in the Kingdom of Agreement" (2004) and "Yes Sir" (2006) and "Cold White Earth" (2010). If you wonder... with this release I have tried to bring everything forward, all of what I have learned of the strength of music, I have tried my very best, to respect it, and to pull from my honest roots, to ignore trends and to hold onto my unique style. I am excited, I am fortunate, to have the unfathomable luck to make music with wonderful people.


I would love to hear from you, and yes, pre-orders will be soon possible,

love from the bottom of my red hot soul,

defender of song,






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