December's Tree - Adventure Calendar

A special offering of 25 Unreleased songs from DJC/JUD/FULLBLISS

as a "Musical Advents Calendar" One song per day, free for 7 days.

Enjoy creatures! some great stuff here!

Window - JUD (1995)

From the first JUD demo recorded in our garage in Venice, California in 1995 on my old 8 Track analog tape machine. Hoss on Drums, Steve on Bass, very raw, JUD in birth form, we did this on tour sometimes in the 90's but grew out of it, I still love this one, the guitar drum build, Steve's steady hand, enjoy creatures!!


Copyright David Clemmons Music

True Love Fade (2009)

A lost jewel, very Americana! I travelled to Hamburg to visit Anne de Wolff and Ulrich Rode, had a great weekend of music and friendship, this track Ulrich plays a mean slide, sounds like pedal steel, he is an amazing all around musician and producer. Never released, just sitting on my harddrive, enjoy!

Copyright David Clemmons Music


Who Knows The Devil? (2015)

A fun little number from a very enjoyable session at the Clemmons House with Jan Hampicke, James Schmidt and Oliver Grauer (Earl Grey). It sounds like an old standard, but its really a DJC story song, it goes to 11, yes, the lyric is in there, and fitting for today, song number 11 Creatures

Copyright David Clemmons Music


Compositions of Suberbia (1997)

Another favorite recordings of mine, analog 8 Track bedroom in Venice, California, I was writing songs for Chasing California/JUD) and parallel a healthy batch of dark acoustic based songs. This is a classic capture of life in Los Angeles in the 90s!

Copyright David Clemmons Music


Cynical World (Demo Version Redondo Beach, CA)

the song that made it later on to "Yes Sir" here in its raw original demo form, I recorded 16 songs back to back for Joe Floyd my great friend and producer, in 2005 for the album and we later chose the keepers. Here the differences....

Copyright David Clemmons Music


Never Told Lies (Bill Langley Cover) 2010

A great song by a great and very underated songwriter in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, whom I met through Mark Mullholand and Two Dollar Bash. We played some shows in USA and stayed in his lovely house. This is done out of huge respect for Bill as a songwriter and singer!!



Your A Big Girl Now (Bob Dylan Cover) Live in Bassy

I think this version comes from Live film, from the camera, it was around 2014 at the Bassy Club in Berlin. James Schmidt Drums, Jan Hampicke Bass, Earl Grey Guitar

since we played a Dylan Birthday Party we have been doing this quite requarly! great song

Copyright David Clemmons Music


What Are You Made For - Remix by Scarecrow Adams (2018)

Unreleased, remix by master producer&programmer Scarecrow Adams

of the JUD track "What Are You Made For" from the album "Sufferboy"

Copyright David Clemmons Music


Brown (1997)

Unreleased, home recording, this one even borders on "too dark for Dave"

but something about it, creepy, driving, I do love it

copyright David Clemmons Music


Fight All Night (2007)

Unreleased, recorded in our jam room by Magnus Pflueger

with James Schmnidt and Jan Hampicke

copyright David Clemmons Music


Bookmark (1996)

Unreleased, recorded in my bedroom 8 track Analog

with Janice Mautner (The Fullbliss) Violin

and Charlotte Rojker backing vocals

copyright David Clemmons Music


Find The Girl (2003)

Unreleased, recorded in Blubox Studios

copyright David Clemmons Music




Beautiful You Vocal Remix

Unreleased, this remix made by Lobo Panic 2003

copyright David Clemmons Music




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