For the last few days, many memories have been flooding my brain, of past bands, and fellow musicians that have been so vital to my years writing and releasing, touring, so much has happened, sometimes I wish I could restart a few things, quite a few wonderful bridges have been torched. There never seems to be the write action at the right time,

why not shout out to the amazing creatures that have kept the DJC machine rolling and in good spirits, Hoss Angeles, Steve Cordrey, James Schmidt, Anne de Wolff, Jan Hampicke, Chris Lastelle, Robert Goldbach, Lisa Lenois, Janice Mautner Markham, Joey Gold, David Skip Doyle, Markos Vassiliou, Thomas Götz and Earl Grey, without these lovelies it would not be possible



I am in the mood again, thanks to Earl Grey and Thomas Götz, I've got a fat record in the works, looking at different titles, trying out some new stuff,  pushing some borders.

If I must name this photo, then I shall name it

"Stairway to Eleven"

that is Earl myself and Thomas having some type of discussion, it was important, you can tell as I decided to take a respectless selfie at that moment

It is the first time in many years that I spent so much time writing new music, and let me tell you folks, I have thrown out at least 40 little fish, so that I have room for the 8 big fish, these are not just big, they are really fat fish, and I am so excited to record them in October here in Berlin.

Since I have been sharing a practice room with Thomas Götz (Beatsteaks) he has been so kind as to fill in on drums on a few concerts and when I was in the mood to write he jumped in and so me Thomas and Earl finished these up and we will record under the expertise of Thomas in his personal studio. We already recorded demos, and they are so fat that I can imagine we will be fist fighting whether to use the demos or the actual recordings for the album.


And if you are still reading this section, then you are a very cool cat, so, lots of people ask me how they can help, well, I hate to take without giving, so, simply, preorder a record, if you like, I am gonna get a button link up soon, I am hoping to have the cover sorted so then it makes more sense, time and money are short, and since time is money, then money would be help in this case, and since the album will cost money, pre ordereing an album, gives you and me something, and you may also say if you prefer cd or vinyl, as to give me an idea what is going on in the world of physical product,

spotify is the devil, you must all know that by now, physical product is the only way to keep the artists artists, keep feeding the machine, listening and not buying product, and you will have nothing, in the future, to be proud of


releases, albums cds vinyls all on the releases page go get em tiger

New Album.


"Lights for the Living - Shadows for the dead" Release: Spring 2020:

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