Mar 6, 2021

Wow I mean wow, Earth in March 2021, how are you all? I wish you great power dealing with the current affairs of the world. I am trying to remain optimistic, doing my best and wishing I could do more to have a positive effect on so much suffering. For all the difficulties of 2020 and 2021, there is always hope to lean upon. The human nature, is one to never give up, following this creed is vital to our survival. I


In DJC musical news, I am working constantly with your great help, in furthering the travels of "Tribe & Throne" (available of course as LP, Clear or Black and Cd on my Music page). 

I appreciate so much, the success of this album in the press and in my fan base. For one to mention, Eclipsed magazine based in Germany, has listed the album as #55 in their top 100 greatest releases of 2020 writer's poll. This is a great honor. 


At the same time, I am well into writing and recording of my next album. At this time, it is possible that it goes a few different ways. I had started the writing, considering the songs to become what would be the 2nd Damn The Machine album (after almost 30 years between). At this time, Chris Poland and I are in communication about this as a reality. We also have label interest at a wonderful label based in Los Angeles, I will not make any announcements until more is solidified. 


I am very interested in supporting you as well, if you are in bands, have LPs merch, please get in touch about possible trades etc.

visit me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, search JUDTV or my name. 


from the bottom of my soul, thank you my friends




Jan 3, 2021

Well we made it through another time wormhole! Musically I am proud to be getting the best response from any album I have ever released, "Tribe & Throne" is finding it's way into new territories, and I am honored and flattered. In a time when things seem uncertain, and loss of life is calculated against economy and education, this era feels to be dark and without direction. I have tried to keep an optimistic perspective of the whole thing, and find myself pondering on this photo that many of you have seen, of the Earth from the farthest point ever photographed in our solar system, reminding us how termporary everything really is, and that each second is a building block in humanity itself and is to be cherished and respected. I hope my music brings you all some peace, and power to get through the days. I find myself over and over returning to music as my foundation, to recharge and protect from the negativity outside, so, thank you, love yourself and one another, and never ever give up




Nov 28, 2020

And finally! I am proud to announce that the Vinyl edition of "TRIBE & THRONE" has arrived and they are beautiful! They are NOT in stores, so if you would like a copy click on my Music page, here on this site, there you will find links to everything. They are available as Clear or Black heavyweight 180 gram vinyl, and a lovely fold-out poster with lyrics is included in each copy. 

Also available at:

BANDCAMP (link above)




Sep 19, 2020

Greetings lovely creatures, keeping the pace, at midnight tonight Berlin Time the new Video for "Our Love Our War" will be premiered on YouTube. The Video is a cooperation between Stefano Mastronicola (Servants Video) and myself. I hope you enjoy it. In other news, the Vinyl version of "Tribe & Throne" is well underway, the pressing plant has given the due date at about 5 weeks from today, so it looks like the middle of October. We are lucky to offer the album, with color fold out lyric poster, and 2 options of Vinyl color (Transparent or Black 140g). Please visit the music page for orders and info, and the videos page for other videos!


July 24, 2020

Hey Creatures! The world is still spinning, and as promised, if I am breathing I am making more music! So most of you know that the new Cd copies of "Tribe & Throne" have been posted out, and many have you have responded happily! The Vinyl version is in the works, as mentioned before, due to multiple issues it still needs some time. 

Keep in touch and thank you for your never ending support!!!!

love, Davey



May 31, 2020

The world is on fire, are we surprised? Without trying, the new video for "Servants" seems to reflect

our current position. Enjoy this wonderful explosion of imagery, edited by Stefan Mastronicola


Apr 25, 2020

TRIBE & THRONE is ready, and out digitally on all streaming stores

The production of cds and lps is delayed, and I apologize, especially to all

that have pre-ordered. I tried to send the download code to each one of you,

that was quite a job but I have heard back from many that it worked fine.

If anyone has ordered and needs a code for the between time let me know per email.

David at


For links to various streaming/download sites, you can find them above on this page.

You can also visit the music page for direct ordering links for my entire catalog,

including JUD,THE FULLBLISS, and DJC releases & projects.

wishing you all power to make it through this, and let us keep music

as an essential service!


Mar 16, 2020

Due to the current state of our precious

World I decided to release my new album

A bit sooner than planned, TRIBE & THRONE

Release dat for digital pre-orders has been set at March 20, 2020

Actual Digital Rel Date:

April 10, 2020

Go over to the Music page, for links to different digital platform shops

And the physical CD release will stay at May 1, 2020,

as the pressing is not yet finished.

The Vinyl is taking longer, updates coming soon




Jan 18, 2020

Hey Y'all the work on TRIBE & THRONE is complete and it is now on the way to pressing, thank you all for the pre-orders, that was a wonderful help, to get the production costs covered and keep the quality high! I am so excited to get this album out! Keep checking here for updates, and keep spreading the word, as this is truly an independant and underground production!!! Visit the RELEASES page for orders & info on the new album and previous releases. Keep in mind, JUD Generation Vulture is also now available on vinyl with a foldout lyric poster!!


Nov 28,  2019

So the cover image is chosen, thank you Axel!!! I have decided on one of the few names I had been kicking around, final decision, "Tribe & Throne". I love the title, as it speaks of the 2 classes of people, currently now "at war" with one another, My attempt at bringing beauty to the chaos


thank you creatures, this production came to life, with the help of a few extremely kind and talented souls. thank you Thomas, for your creative power, and soulful push. Thank you Earl, for your patience and tasty timeless performance. You will hear the music, shortly my friends


Nov 03, 2019


Hey Y'all I am proud to report, that the initial tracking for the upcoming release, is complete, we did 3 wonderful days together, and effortlessly recorded the 8 Songs for the new album. Thomas Götz has handeled the recording, as well as incredible drumming, full of dynamic the likes I have not yet experienced, and Earl Grey laid the super tasty & fat bass. This trio was a dream to write, arrange and record with. Over the next weeks, I will be doing vocals overdubs and some guitars, perhaps some funny stuff, depending on the mood, and if all goes well it shall be pressed onto Vinyl around first of 2020. Also planned, is a run of digipaks, and it would be interresting to know who wants what... I will put up some order buttons on the music page shortly. Artwork is coming, I am narrowing in on the cover image, it is close to be decided, and you will see it. good night from the jungles of Berlin



For the last few days, many memories have been flooding my brain, of past bands, and fellow musicians that have been so vital to my years writing and releasing, touring, so much has happened, sometimes I wish I could restart a few things, quite a few wonderful bridges have been torched. There never seems to be the write action at the right time,

I am eternally grateful to the amazing creatures that have parterned up with me along the way, Hoss Angeles, Steve Cordrey, James Schmidt, Anne de Wolff, Jan Hampicke, Chris Lastelle, Robert Goldbach, Lisa Lenois, Janice Mautner Markham, Joey Gold, David Skip Doyle, Markos Vassiliou, Thomas Götz and Earl Grey, without these lovelies it would not be possible



I am in the mood again, thanks to Earl Grey and Thomas Götz, I've got a fat record in the works, looking at different titles, trying out some new stuff,  pushing some borders.


It is the first time in many years that I spent so much time writing new music, and let me tell you folks, I have thrown out at least 40 little fish, so that I have room for the 8 big fish, these are not just big, they are really fat fish, and I am so excited to record them in October here in Berlin.

Since I have been sharing a practice room with Thomas Götz (Beatsteaks) he has been so kind as to fill in on drums on a few concerts and when I was in the mood to write he jumped in and so me Thomas and Earl finished these up and we will record under the expertise of Thomas in his personal studio. We already recorded demos, and they are so fat that I can imagine we will be fist fighting whether to use the demos or the actual recordings for the album.


And if you are still reading this section, then you are a very cool cat, so, lots of people ask me how they can help, well, I hate to take without giving, so, simply, preorder a record, if you like, I am gonna get a button link up soon, I am hoping to have the cover sorted so then it makes more sense, time and money are short, and since time is money, then money would be help in this case, and since the album will cost money, pre ordereing an album, gives you and me something, and you may also say if you prefer cd or vinyl, as to give me an idea what is going on in the world of physical product,

spotify is the devil, you must all know that by now, physical product is the only way to keep the artists artists, keep feeding the machine, listening and not buying product, and you will have nothing, in the future, to be proud of


releases, albums cds vinyls all on the releases page go get em tiger

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