How it came to be.... 

Well, a friend offered me his Global Strat Copy Electric Guitar around.. 1979, I had cash as I was a paper boy.. then you could not get my fingers off of that thing. With some help from good friends, heading through the years I left Richmond Virginia for Los Angeles in 1986, side kick Steve Cordrey with me the whole way, we jammed around, various stuff then I hooked up with some other guys, went through various Rock/Thrash bands, until landing Damn The Machine with Chris Poland (from 1991) returned to my homey Steve in 1995 for the formation of JUD, with Hoss Wright, taking us all over Europe and USA, what a ride. in and around 2000 I packed my gear and headed East, over Virginia back to the Old World, Germany. For now this makes a good home for me and my Family, and my music. Many of you have known me since the beginning, and I salute you for staying true, without roots we are nothing





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