Ministers Of Anger

In 1987 I got a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder, man I burned those buttons up! So excited to be able to multitrack, got a drum machine and went fucking crazy with riffs in 13 and 17 and put the whole thing together as a little demo. I had just around that time met Ross Robinson and Dave Mcclain, and started playing bass in their band Murdercar, and at some point I wanted to record the songs and Ross said, ask Dave! he'll do it! and I did, and he did, so this recording is Me on Bass Guitar and Vocals (an abuse of the word here, but the lyrics are good ha) and Dave Mcclain (Machine Head,Sacred Reich,Murdercar) on drums. Now the recording is about 30 years old, wow....and I love it still! I have repressed cd copies with full booklet, just visit the Discography page and click the link to order. There are other members, all listed in the booklet, I will update this page with that info soon,





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