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New Sampler Video - Lights For The Living (2021/2022)


My dear friends, arriving at the end of the recording of "Lights For The Living" has brought on an enormous feeling of appreciation,  of the support arround me, making it possible to continue to create music, with so many obstacles around us. Today I think of our planet Earth, how it has given us so much, and I also wonder how I deserve to have the luck, friends, family, love around me, with all of the things I have done wrong in my life.

 I can only pour my appreciation back in the form of music, Thank you Thomas, Thank you Earl, Thank you , my wife who heard too many nights, "I am just going to work for about an hour" during Corona Lockdowns and freezing nights. These events meet at the crossroads of creativity, I can now proudly offer the presale links for "Lights For The Living", my 2021 collection of experiences of  days past. It is like no other album of mine, carrying a life that I am fortunate to have processed through my humble soul. For those kind friends that would like to support this offering, go on over to my music page, and you will find the links you need. Love, Davey

Also on the hot list!! is a brand new (old) release from Damn The Machine "Day One". This was one of my first bands, I was honored to join forces with Chris Poland (Megadeth) in 1991, we wrote an incredible collection of timeless music, most know the album "debut" released on A&M Records in 1993. This new release features the original demo versions of the same songs, in extremely high quality, full of energy and has a much more live feel then the album.

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Hey humans nice of you to check in. There are a few cool things going on About "Lights For The Living" (see above text)  I have only the Vocals to do, then off to mixing. This album has taken such a lovely step, it started as songwriting in my studio in the winter nights of Covid. It gave me a place to put my creativity, and I was learning at the same time how to build my songs from the beginning, in my very chill environment with no clocks ticking.


The songs, seemed to have their own special character, being made in such a time where so many things seemed uncertain. Thomas Götz is playing drums and Earl Grey is on bass again. This is the same magical lineup from the last album "Tribe & Throne".  This album takes a ride, like no other. The playing....I actually was working alot myself on recording and rough mixing so my ears got quite close to it, then I opened up some songs from Tribe & Throne, which until now is my favorite and I thought wow in such a short time we actually topped that monster of a record...ok this one is different, shouldn't say better or worse ever but it is definately showing development in a big way, doing the 2nd album together with these great gentlemen.




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