25. Oct 2023

Hello Friends,

I will come down from the mountain for a concert in Berlin on Nov 22, 2023. I will return to the lovely Artliners in Friedrichshain to play a collection of my songs from the last centuries. The concert is free to get in, and the room is cozy, smoking allowed. I always love the Artliners concerts, as it reminds me of the golden 90s era of live music, things seemed to be different and more relaxed. 


In other news, the new album demos are finished and we are now planning the recording and promotion, as well as getting the cover & photos together. Dan Volohov at DisciplinePR will be handing this album over to the world and we are so happy to have his talents. Get in touch if you would like to help support in anyway, book a gig in your town, etc etc etc


In other other news:  the roads of life have crossed me with the path of the marvelous Dan at DisciplinePR, and as of now Dan and his company will be representing me with regard to Press & Publicity worldwide. I look forward to working closely with Dan for my upcoming DJC release planned for 2024. 





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