RADIO EINS Berlin has a great show, on, now... featuring music from the new album, the show, although a kind of a mainstream show is based tonight on Progressive Rock, mostly featuring Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson, with tracks from Rush, Tool, and as I mentioned from my new album as well. Live stream worldwide 9 - 11 pm Berlin time Monday June 27, it is on now... at www.radioeins.de

click Hören

thank you Christiane Falk


New Release!


Release Date: April 1, 2022 / Out Now LPs and CDs shipping immediately

on Village Slut Records


Mar 29, 2022

LIGHTS FOR THE LIVING - RELEASE DATE - 04/01/22 (CDs shipping now / LPs shipping now, in stock!

IThank you all for your solid support not just now but since the beginning brothers and sisters!!!!


New Sampler Video - Lights For The Living (2021/2022)


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