Mar 5, 2023

I finally uploaded the video from Anton Tal for "Psychotic, Lost & Twisted" from the Livepeer broadcast a few years ago. I am amazed again at how talented Anton is with the camera. Also, Matteo did an incredible job with the live sound as well. Thanks to Livepeer, Chris Hobcroft for making this possible. See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e0vl6GqDK4 and more videos on the Video page. In other news, a few shows coming up, a support show in Berlin for Jeff Aug Apr. 27 at Reset! I am looking forward to this one!


The New Video for SEA OF ENDS from Lights For The Living (2022)

Feb 20, 2023

What a cool night that was at the Artliners in Berlin on Thursday! I have played there a few times but this was by far the best night so far. I am sorry that I could not play a 2nd encore! the Curfews in some venues make this a strange moment. To get a longer show than 2 hours in well we will need to start the shows even earlier. Thank you to Anthony for the Merch, also to Jürghen and Yvonne of course for keeping the Artliners rocking through the years. The sound (Christian) was perfect. 


On the personal side, I am leaning more and more to teaching Guitar, and I really am enjoying this journey so far. I have been working on my streaming / video call capabilites and can definately also offer to do lessons via skype / zoom. I will still do some wood work in between, but based on the material costs and the sheer labor intensity of some of these projects, I have already benefited mentally and physically from the change. My guitar playing has also improved, as I rarely practiced before starting teaching. Ok thank you all. Please get in touch if I can hook you up with music, LPs, CDs, download codes, rare tracks! I have tons of unreleased tracks that I need to do something with... maybe a password page with donations? what do you think? david (at) fullbliss.com





Feb 10, 2023

Greetings Creatures, there is alot of trouble around us, keep loving, keep helping, keep painting and creating and lifting those around you up who need help. Come join me Thursday in Berlin at the Artliners in Friedrichshain. Free to get in, be punctual at 8pm as this is a serious establishment. Ah, smoking is definately allowed, back to the golden 90s. In other news, we have started writing new music for the next album, with Felix, Earl-Y and Rob, and yeah this is on a whole new level. I can hardly wait to get them done



Jan 29, 2023

Thank you all that made our show in Berlin at the Marie-Antoinette such a great evening. Enzo for running perfect sound, Thomas Stern at Popmonitor for bringing the show to life,  Anthony for handling the Merch Table like a Boss, Anton Tal and Mathias Naumann for Camera work (uploads to be announced) and you friends, fans, supporters, for an incredible night of music. Dead Best Friend playing support, setting up for a perfect evening, thank you Matthias for a killer set of unique music. Last but not least, Felix Ritz's debut performance with us, stellar, full of dynamic passion and precision. Robert Goldbach and Earl-y Grey, you guys are all a dream to play with, looking forward to as much as we can stuff into this lifetime,





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