Among other things happening in the world, I also would like to announce that there is an upcoming album release "The Last Man" from my band with Chris Poland "Damn The Machine" 09.09.22. This is a collection of recordings we made back in the 90s on our 8track Tape Machine, preserved and unheard until now. The quality is of the same high level as "Day One" from last year, however these are previously unheard tracks, and there are some real jewels in there, especially for DTM fans who have been hoping for the last 3 decades to hear something new from the band! get it on the music page, or the bandsite: www.damnthemachine.com, or bandcamp, links all above



In live line-up concert news, I have been so happy to have the services on drums for so many years of James Jimmy Schmidt, as well as the Studio services for the last 2 releases from Thomas Götz, however as things change so does the DJC line up and we are looking for a permanent Drummer to support the future live activities of all DJC related adventures, we have some lovely interested humans so far, and are continuing the search so feel free to recommend, get in touch yourself etc etc. The future is unwritten


RADIO EINS Berlin has a great show, on, now... featuring music from the new album, the show, although a kind of a mainstream show is based tonight on Progressive Rock, mostly featuring Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson, with tracks from Rush, Tool, and as I mentioned from my new album as well. Live stream worldwide 9 - 11 pm Berlin time Monday June 27, it is on now... at www.radioeins.de

click Hören

thank you Christiane Falk


New Release!


Release Date: April 1, 2022 / Out Now LPs and CDs shipping immediately

on Village Slut Records


Mar 29, 2022

LIGHTS FOR THE LIVING - RELEASE DATE - 04/01/22 (CDs shipping now / LPs shipping now, in stock!

IThank you all for your solid support not just now but since the beginning brothers and sisters!!!!


New Sampler Video - Lights For The Living (2021/2022)


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