May 5, 2022

Hey y'all hope all is well in your worlds as things are topsy turvy to say the least. The news... some shows finally! the page is updated, and the new album Lights For The Living is rolling, got some nice press and responses from those who have gotten their cds in the Post. I am so proud of this release, and thank you to Carsten Agthe at Eclipsed Magazine, naming it is top album of the month. Also the album gained a 9/10 review in Rockhard Ludwig Krammer. I cannot remember every getting a 9, always hovering around 8... As far as live band shows, we are getting ourselves together, there is a bit of practice needed as the last couple of years were mostly reduced to writing, recording and promotion work. I am looking very forward to some band shows. Stay safe out there and keep the music playing




Mar 29, 2022

LIGHTS FOR THE LIVING - RELEASE DATE - 04/01/22 (CDs shipping now / LPs ++update++ expected to ship June 1, the Manufacturer has delayed one month)

It has been a wild ride, I am looking so forward to you all hearing this !



New Sampler Video - Lights For The Living (2021/2022)


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