Short Film / Video / Music Clip

"Sea Of Ends"

Dir. Ljuba Generalova

Concept: David Judson Clemmons/Ljuba Generalova/Anton Rodin

Premiers Friday Night Sep 30th Berlin Time 11:45 pm / USA EST 6:45 pm

A surrealistic dystopian work of art, Ljuba has put an incredible effort forward to create something to get the world's attention, looking very forward to this. 

My first and likely only Christmas Song!!!! 

New Video - Dark Walk Home from Tribe & Throne

Concept & Animation: Chuck Agin

Premier Date Sep 17 Friday Midnight Berlin Time

I have always hoped to find an artist that would be willing to

build an animated video around a song of mine. This type of work, many of you know, is very time consuming. Now that this Video is complete, I am so happy and proud to put it out into the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Chuck, for spending your life hours, working on this. I hope I can somehow return the favor.


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