EPK "Lights for the Living" David Judson Clemmons new release Apr 1, 2022
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EPK "Lights for the Living" Release date April 1, 2022



David Judson Clemmons


LP 180 gram + poster / CD 12 page booklet


Single „The More I See“ 03/04/22

Release Date 04/01/22

Single „Berlin“ 03/18/22

Village Slut Records


A reflection of our position in time, from 2020-2022, as the beautiful possibility of humanity, upon a speck of sand in an unmeasurable universe, continues to test itself „ DJC


If you want to do something good for yourself, treat yourself to this new magnificent work by a free spirit who is as productive as he is creative...with depth far removed from all style categories...Clemmons is one of those exceptional figures without whom our beloved guitar music would be a good deal poorer.“

Ludwig Krammer / Rockhard Print Magazine Germany / preview text 10/01/21


As a follow up to the highly acclaimed „Tribe & Throne (2020)“ L4TL is again powered by Thomas Götz – Drums (Beatsteaks) and Early Grey – Bass (DJC/Fullbliss) and released via Village Slut Records, recorded by Thomas Götz & DJC & mixed by DJC & Dog Young. Clemmons has been building a solid discography of groundbreaking work since 1987 with releases that remain musically & socially relevant decades later.


For those new to DJC, a short list of his projects include: Ministers of Anger 1987-(w/Dave McClain/Machine Head/Sacred Reich) Damn The Machine 1991- (w/ Chris Poland/Megadeth) Jud 1994- (with Hoss Wright / Mondo Generator) The Fullbliss 1997- (w/ Anne de Wolff / Bap/Calexico/Rosentstolz & Joey Gold/ Love/Hate)


Lights For The Living“ promotional short teaser (pre-master audio):



Lights For The Living“ Promotional sampler video teaser (pre-master audio):



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